Eyelash Extensions Dundee

Whether you are looking for subtle enhancement or a more glamorous look, the look you desire can be achieved. 

Lash Perfect

Lash Perfect are the leading individual lash suppliers in the UK and are the only lashes I use. I have been trained by Lash Perfect to ensure your lashes are fitted correctly and safely.

Lash Perfect lashes are available in a range of different lengths, curls and thickness, to insure you get the look you want. The lashes are attached individually to your own natural lash, creating a naturally thicker and longer appearance. The lashes can last for months with recommended infills every two to three weeks and no need to wear mascara!

Full set semi -permanent lashes  £47.00

Infills £23.00

Removals £10.00

Weekend lashes £15.00

These lashes are clusters of lashes placed along the lash line. Great for a one off occasion

For more information on the lashes or if you are interested in having the lashes fitted at strip tweeze, please do not hesitate to contact myself today on 07850135591 or fill my enquires form and i will be in touch as soon as possible.