If you want the newest and best waxing techniques visit Strip Tweeze today. I use the new and revolutionary technique developed by 'The Wax Queen' Kim Lawless, this  technique is the number one choice of clients .

Both strip and hot wax, but hot wax is always used on intimate areas. 

Male Waxing

Eyebrows £8.00

Nostrils £8.00

Ears £8.00

Underarms £8.00

Back £18.00

Chest £18.00

Chest and abs £25.00

Back and chest 32.00

Forearm £15.00

Full arm £20.00

Half leg £18.00

Full leg £25.00


Intimate male waxing
The speedo (crease of the top leg,blended) £15.00
The bermuda triangle (pubic triangle removed) £20.00
The mexican (buttocks only) £25.00
The ibiza (anal area only) £20.00
The londoner (buttocks and anal area) £30.00
The new yorker (testicles and penis) £30.00
The boyzilian (pubic triangle, testicles, penis, nothing from back) £40.00
Male hollywood (all hair removed from front and back) £55.00
Male hollywood (including back )£70.00
Male hollywood (including chest) £70.00
Full body wax, including hollywood £100
I can wax anything so if there is anything you want to get waxed that is not listed, please don't hesitate to ask, it can be done!