Waxing Salons Dundee


Strip Tweeze is the place to come for the best waxing, unlike any other hot waxing trainers, Kim Lawless developed her own technique which is unlike any other. I use both strip and hot wax, although hot wax is always used on intimate areas. 

Female waxing

Eyebrow £7.00

Nostrils £7.00

Lip or chin £5.00

Lip and chin £8.00

Underarms £8.00

Forearms £10.00

Full arm £15.00

Half leg (knee and below, including feet) £14.00

Half leg (above knee) £16.00

Full leg £20.00

Intimate brazilian waxing

Hot wax is recommended for the bikini area.  Unlike strip wax the hot wax only attaches to the hair, not to the skin, making it less painful! Results are great and less risk of ingrown hairs.

Traditional bikini (tidy up of hair from outside pant line) £8.00

Extended bikini  (hair removed from pant line and inner thigh) £10.00

Brazilian (landing strip is left) £15.00

Bollywood (landing strip left with all other hair removed including labia and bum) £21.00

Hollywood (all hair removed from pubic area and bum) £26.00

Ibiza (bum only) £10.00

Egyptian (bum and buttocks) £15.00



Half leg and traditional bikini £20.00

Half leg and extended bikini £22.00

Half leg and brazilian £27.00

Half leg and bollywood £30.00

Half leg and hollywood £32.00

Full leg and traditional bikini £26.00

Full leg and extended bikini £28.00

Full leg and brazilian £33.00

Full leg and bollywood £37.00

Full leg and hollywood £40.00

Full body wax (neck downwards including hollywood) £85.00


I can wax anything so if there is anything you want waxed that is not listed, please don't hesitate to ask, it can be done!






For more information please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can take booking over the phone or feel free to fill in our enquiries form and Sally will get back to you shortly.